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Product Details

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Strong, dent resistant steel (full hard 80,000 P.S.I)
  • Columns and trusses 7’6” and 8’ on center
  • 2”x6” knee braces
  • Corner braces
  • Sidewall nailers and 2”x6” wind bracing
  • Laminated columns with precast concrete footings embedded 5’ in ground



  • 29 gauge steel
  • G60 galvanizing-one of the heaviest in the industry
  • Superior paint finish – color retention and chalking resistance
  • Industry wide recognition for superior corrosion resistance
  • 36” panel coverage



  • Three profiles available (Bi Rib, Classic Rib, and Pro-Panel II)
  • Choice of 21 colors
  • Variety of complimentary trims



  • 45 year warranty paint
  • The same elite service you’ve come to expect from our staff of knowledgeable, courteous professionals
  • Minimum roof slope 3:12
  • Exposed fastened, low profile panel
  • Applies over open framing or solid substrate





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